The Warrior In the Mirror

Reviewed by Lea Ann Garfias

Busy homeschool moms know the battle for private devotional times, the struggle to find God’s peace and fellowship in the midst of busy to-do lists and interrupting children. Homeschool mom and curriculum author Angela O’Dell provides another weapon in this spiritual war with her devotional journal The Warrior in the Mirror.

The Warrior in the Mirror is a beautiful and thoughtful devotional aid. Each page contains prompts to jog a memory, encourage the heart, and propel the Christian forward into a deeper relationship with God. The two-page spread includes space to record a song to meditate upon; places to write out prayers, praises, requests, and worship thoughts; faith-affirming “I trust you with . . .” prompts; a place to copy Scripture verses; and even space to doodle while meditating on God’s truths.

This beautiful 8½ x 11” journal includes several different page designs. Angela’s thoughtful and creative illustrations compel users to slow down and think about what these fleeting moments with God mean.

Does it work? Can a Bible study journal make a difference in our devotional life? I handed the book to my teen daughter to try, asking her for an unbiased opinion a few weeks in. And guess what? She said the journal encouraged her to have a private devotional time more frequently and to grow in gratitude.

The Warrior in the Mirror is available in paperback from, or the pages can be downloaded and printed individually when purchased directly from the author at   

This review was originally published in the March/April 2017 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. Information and availability subject to change without notice.