Torchlighters Heroes of Faith DVD’s

Reviewed by Betsy Lawrence

“I cannot but do as my conscience dictates.”
- William Tyndale in The Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith:
The William Tyndale Story DVD.

Each of the heroes of the faith in this DVD series - William Tyndale (burned at the stake for his “crime” of translating the Bible into English for the common people), Jim Elliot (missionary killed by the Auca tribe in the jungles of Ecuador), and John Bunyan (imprisoned for going against the established state religion and writing Pilgrim’s Progress while in jail) - lived by the above quote. They gave their all for the sake of the gospel - true torchlighters. The Torchlighters Web site defines a torchlighter as “one who commits to serving God and passing on the light of the Gospel, even when the going gets tough. You too can be a torchlighter.”

I am so thankful to the folks at the Christian History Institute for these quality animated DVDs that promote knowing the heroes of our Christian faith. Our children need good role models. They need to know their Christian “ancestors.” They need quality movies to watch. Our children will receive all three of these things by watching these DVDs. Actually, I (aged forty-something!) watched these movies with my 85 year old mother and we were both moved by these true stories. Scripture is quoted in each of them and important Biblical concepts are enhanced. When you see what God can do through a torchlighter, who is completely devoted to the Lord, your children (and you) will be inspired to serve Him more fully.

Not only are the movies great, but the Web site,, has teacher’s guides, student handouts, maps, games, crafts, activities, discussion questions, and more that can be downloaded and used with the DVDs if you wish to make this more than just good movie watching. Their site is easy to maneuver, with access to all of their features, and very worthwhile. By utilizing these resources along with the DVDs, you will have a wonderful addition to your history/Bible curriculum, easily used in both group and individual settings and with multiple ages. A very inspiring feature of the site is “Kids of Courage,” which features children who live in various countries and the hardships they endure because of their Christian faith. After you read these stories, there are interesting facts about the particular country/culture, questions for discussion, and suggested activities. For instance, a story about a young person living in Romania whose father was imprisoned for standing up for his faith and how this child also continued to stand for the Christian faith in school, knowing that he would be expelled, has a play script to allow your child to turn this into a skit to be performed for family and friends.

One small disclaimer: because of the nature of these true stories, parts of the movies are intense. For example, William Tyndale was burned at the stake and Jim Elliot was speared to death. These scenes are handled with care to let the viewer know what is happening, but without the typical Hollywood “gore.” If your children are sensitive to these types of things, you may want to preview the movie before letting them watch.

If you’re looking for quality resources that will teach your children to be committed to God and His truth, you’ll definitely want to check out The Torchlighters DVD series!

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