Homeschool Showcase

Here's a growing collection of useful information about the many homeschool products and services available these days. This information is provided by the various businesses and organizations represented here, so you're getting information right from the source! For homeschool curriculum reviews by other homeschoolers, please visit our Reviews section!


Math may not be your student's favorite subject - or maybe it is. Either way, some of these books, games and curricula are sure to help in your homeschool's math class!


Does your homeschooler like science class? Maybe one of these programs will help them like it more! Do they dislike science? If so, something here may make them science-lovers yet!

History & Geography

When did Columbus discover America? And just where is Uzbekistan anyway? Try some of these books, programs, or other educational resources for your explorations of the interesting subjects of History and Geography!

Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, & Writing

Reading and writing programs, spelling, composition, literature, and other related fields of study

Foreign Language

Parlez-vous francais? No? What about Spanish? Well, maybe one of these foreign-language courses will help you learn!


The Bible should be a cornerstone in every Christian homeschool, so here are some resources to help us all keep it that way!


Music can bring so much beauty into life - and fortunately, there are a lot of resources available to help homeschoolers in their musical endeavors!

Additional Products and Resources

Reviews of educational products that don't quite fit into any of the other categories. Enrichment products, fun teaching helps, and more!